Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Beginning

Happy New Year ! Would you believe it, 2012 has arrived . Time does fly, no joke. It's the year which decide who am I in the future, a futuristic year.

Have a blessed new year people ! Spend and cherish every moment with laughters and joy. (:


with loves,
Brendon (;

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finding trouble.

You know, you shouldn't do excessive exercise or overdo them if you think you can but actually your muscles couldn't bare the pounds. I did that previous days ago and I'm struggling like a mosquito accidentally entered the freezer. Aching everywhere. I know it doesn't make sense with the mosquito but you can imagine the same suffer.

That hectic particular day, I swam in the morning, played futsal in the afternoon and danced in a party and had my remote control with me till 1 a.m. Right after Robin van Persie's stunning goal against Everton which made my day and slumber like a piG. :P Woke up the next morning, I still have the ache everywhere around my body .So, always warm up or carry out consistent exercise to prevent this painful aches.

I can't wait for my trip to China. It's so boring at home. I'm addicted to another song, I really hope I can sing this to someone I give the utmost love. (:

You Are The One , by Matt Heris.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

That is just what I want.

HELLOOOOO. Share ya a good news ! 

Passed my undang test ! ( Undang = The road's law in Malaysia )  
That was real close, scored 43/50 . Passing mark is 42. 
Feeling glad now. I was really lucky though, that test I took was quite hard. Didn't revise much. Well, thanks god that everything went well. 

it's another two weeks left before I am going China to spend my first ever Christmas in winter  ! :DDDD. really looking forward. :D

I've got a new favourite song, Domino sang by Jessie J, it was tremendously awesome. Real jawesome ! (:

God bless ! (;

Sunday, December 4, 2011

His Promise

Bonjoure people . (:

Looks like I've broken the promise , returning to blog right after finals but only start doing it after two weeks break. :P

Holiday's been going great , well like how I anticipated. It's December now , time's flying fast, like lightning. While, I've actually been doing nothing these holidays, same old routine. Wake Up > Online > Reading Biographies > Online > Watch TV > Sleep . I don't skip meals la although it's not mentioned.

I think I will start to blog every day if I could, trying my best. The first matter that stops me from blogging is my LAZINESS. HAHAHA. Sorry mates.

I've been addicted to Twitter nowadays, more than Facebook, I've been spending lesser time on it. What I do mostly is updating status. That's all. Twitter is nice, you can update your status like a BOSS , not being freaked out, or assumed crazy ? -compared to Facebook. I'm sure you experienced that too, Twitterians ? :P

I've got lot to say, but everything stuck in my mind and don't know which one to start first, will update my blog and tell you how I feel and what is on my mind if I am on a good mood . HAHHA.

And yes, I'm flying to China next two weeks, my second vacation of the year ! :P Expecting a nice trip, it's winter there.

So, happy holidays guys ! Sorry if I'm late. Have a good time ! :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He's back , but a only for a short while though.

Heallaow Blog buddies ,
This blog is still alive alright. :D

It's like a WHAO. Time passes really fast. Can't believe it's October already.
Didn't blog for ages. I am currently obsess with a very nice song. Wanna share it with you guys. (:

It's a Mandarin song, sing by my favourite idol, LeeHom Wang. You knew right.
Heard it in the fm, and adore it instantly. It's really nice. Plus, it's dedicated to someonee. HEHE.
It's entitled, Yi Ran Ai Ni, which means Still In Love With You, literally translation. It's a new song though. I don't know why I can't share it here, but here's the link.
it's really AWESOME. Really like it.

Exam's coming soon. Right at the corner. I am really nervous, but I will give it all. God bless.
Wish me luck alright. Hope to achieve a good result. Good luck to you guys too who is going to sit in your respective exams. (:

All the best. Will be back once exam's over. (:
Byeees. (:

Hope to be the number 1

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Haggard moment.

I don't know why. Should I be happy or sad ? What's more important ? Everything you do.

Sports day this week. I am going with different feelings. Confidence for drilling depression for watching. Watching the participants training have make me to have kinda weird feeling. What's always on my mind is '' why can't I be there ? Why should I always be the watcher. WHY don't I be the runner , my friends be the watcher ? ''. It's too late to decide now. No words .

It has been 4 years, I have not accomplished a medal for myself. It is not that I can't do it, it is because that I didn't give any effort. I am feeling depressed, terribly devastated.

I hope that next year is my year. I believe I can make a difference. Nothing is impossible. I believe I will make it.



I'll prove to you people !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Return

Hello bloggers. It's been ages since I last blogged.

It has been a great two weeks of holiday.
All I do is playing , wasting time, facebooking, youtub-ing, which has become my favourite activity now with a special friend. :P
I didn't leave a handprint at all on my books. I hope my mind is still there. If not, I don't know how am I gonna be in school days which is coming really soon.

And yeah , I had a good vacation on the first week of the holiday. Gold Coast is my very first Oceania trip. It was fantastic. Pictures are coming soon. Patient. Will tell more about my trip.

It's late now. Guess I gotta off. Nights people. Have a sound sleep ! :D